Turning Pro


Steven Pressfield is one of my favorite authors of all time, and in this interview we’ll dive deep into his new book, Turning Pro. I’ve read this book MANY times and think that every human being on the planet should read it as well.

In this interview, you’ll learn from Steven Pressfield on what turning pro means. He explains that it’s all about people making a switch in their minds to show up as a professional every single day, and to take what they do seriously and not treat it as an amateur would treat it.

You’ll also hear about the period in my life when I decided that turning pro was essential. At the time I was bartending and starting my coaching business, and coincidentally when I started turning pro in all facets of my life, I also started making more money and more and more opportunities started showing up in my life.

Steven Pressfield also talks about the moment in his life when turning pro was imminent and he shares how he had to sequester himself to a small town in Northern California for an entire year so he could escape the amateur habits he had in New York City and finally turn pro as an author. It was just him and his cat, and a lot of people thought he was crazy, but he stayed consistent and professional, he focused and had no distractions, and Pressfield ended up being extremely successful because of it.

I’m a HUGE fan of Steven Pressfield’s work, and here’s where you can pick it up:
Turning Pro: www.blackirishbooks.com/store/turning-pro/
War of Art: amzn.to/TD4jwj
Do the Work: amzn.to/XvHu2U
Gates of Fire: amzn.to/Rvly34

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