What Everyone Who is Too Self-Critical Needs to Know | Marisa Peer on Impact Theory

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Famed hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, named the Best British Therapist by Men’s Health Magazine, has devoted her life to helping people resolve childhood trauma, find love, and lead healthier lives. Her primary insight is that the mind does what you tell it to, but most people do not understand how to talk effectively with their own minds. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Marisa Peer explains exactly how to transform your negative self-talk, details the process by which you can come to the full realization that you are enough, and explains how to deal with the primary impediments to personal growth.


Marisa tells the story of what led her to hypnotherapy [2:18] Marisa explains how hypnotherapy shuts down the critical part of the brain [4:18] Marisa explains why you need to use language that is powerful and absolutely up to date [6:52] What is the difference between repetition and hypnosis? [9:35] Marisa describes the process of finding the imprint that causes your negative self-talk [11:43] What are the limits to the fact that your mind does what you tell it to? [16:52] Marisa describes the “You are Enough” movement [20:56] Marisa explains how starting with “I am enough” changes people’s self-talk [22:46] Marisa and Tom discuss why people sometimes are not willing to change [25:33] Marisa discusses how she dealt with cancer [32:36] Marisa shares the impact she wants to have on the world [38:54]

“If you understand the mind, it does what you tell it. That’s it’s job. If you tell it better stuff, you have an amazing life. If you tell it mediocre stuff, you have a mediocre life.” [6:39] “The number one block is the fear of rejection. If I make it I might get rejected. If I find love they might leave. If I make all that money people won’t like me. So you’ve got to smash out of the ballpark the fear of rejection.” [19:56] “If you make the choice to talk to yourself better, you can bounce back. You might as well use your mind as much as you possibly can to be well.” [37:55]

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