What is Tapping

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Ever wondered, “what is tapping?”
In this interview I chat with my good friend Nick Ortner, author of the book The Tapping Solution to find out not only what tapping and EFT (emotional freedom technique) mean, but also how you can use it to overcome something traumatic in your life or an issue that you just can’t seem to break through.

In this interview you’ll learn:
What tapping is and how it can help you with different challenges you might face in your life.
Why focusing on something traumatic sends a fight or flight response to our bodies, and how by tapping we can signal to our brain that we’re safe and ok.
How you can rewire your brain to react differently to future traumatic or stressful events.
How to use the tapping/EFT technique at home to get over trauma, relieve pain, or get over stress.

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