When Getting Inspired Gets You In Trouble

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Getting inspired is part of the creative process for most people. But what if you spend more time getting inspired or learning new things than you do creating your art or doing your work?

In this video, you’ll learn two secrets for making sure you’re creating more than you’re consuming so you don’t get trapped in the inspiration rabbit hole.

1. Create Before You Consume. This secret it all about sequence. Don’t start getting inspired by books, articles, websites or anything else until you’ve done your own creative work for the day.

2. Stack Your Crack (Inspiration Crack, That Is). Getting inspired in small doses here and there will turn you into an inspiration junkie. Instead, stack all the things you want to read or listen to and get your inspiration from them on you non-peak productive hours.
Remember, learners are earners so it’s good to be getting inspired by the world around you. The key is to remember your inspiration to creation ratio.

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