When You’re About to Give Up

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Have you ever gone through a season of not understanding why something is taking so long, why things didn’t happen the way you thought they would or why it seems like God isn’t answering you?

I want you to know that what you’re going through is no surprise to God. I’m gonna share with you today how to stay focused and motivated when you’re about to give up, because we all go through these seasons.

He sees something you don’t see and He knows something you don’t know. It’s going to work out for your benefit…. If you don’t give up. I’ve seen it time and again.

Watch this week’s podcast video and let’s talk about your perspective through the tough, challenging seasons.


I put together the 7 power scriptures I speak over myself every morning to change my perspective. Download this list of 7 scriptures and take a couple minutes out of your day to read them aloud and change your perspective – www.terri.com/powerscriptures/

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