Why You’re Not Making Progress | Tony Robbins

“I always tell people if you want to know the secret to happiness, I can give it to you in one word: Progress.” – Tony Robbins.

When you stop making progress in life, you begin to feel uncomfortable. You become stagnant. You hit a plateau and start to feel hopeless. Before you let yourself slip into a depressed state, recognize why it is you’re feeling stuck.

What area of your life is no longer fulfilling you? Have you started to stop making progress in terms of your professional, financial or personal life? How is it that you used to feel like you were working toward a goal, and now you simply feel like you’re going through the motions? It’s time to objectively look at what it is that’s making you feel stuck in life. This can require facing your fears head on and being brutally honest with yourself, but it’s the only way to start making progress once more.

Now that you have an idea of why it is you feel stuck, it’s time to start reconnecting with your progress. The first step is in changing your physiology. If you’re walking around hunched over, looking at the floor instead of making eye contact, then your emotions and actions are going to follow your body’s cues. Take pride in your body and project confidence to the world around you.

Changing your mindset is the next step. Stop telling yourself why you “can’t” do something and instead focus on why it is possible. What limiting beliefs or patterns are you holding on to? When you reestablish positive thought patterns and beliefs about yourself, your world will start to change for the better.

Lastly, many times we feel stuck because we’re worried about things that have happened in the past or what the future holds. Accept that you have no control over anything besides the present moment. With that in mind, how can you start making progress toward your goals TODAY?

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