Work Life Balance

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Being stressed out and trying to get things done is not an ideal pairing, especially when you work from home and you have dirty dishes, laundry, etc. staring you in the face as you attempt to be productive at work. In this video you’ll learn some foolproof work life balance tips so you can get more done in both your work and personal life and stop being so dang stressed out all the time.

First off, if you’re spending too much time slowly getting ready in the morning. Stop it. You really shouldn’t be taking more than 30 minutes TOPS to get ready. And the earlier you get up, the better. *Hint: if you use my “Catch a Flight” technique, getting up early will be inevitable.

As far as cleaning goes, if you eat a meal at home, clean up right afterward. For meals and laundry, plan in advance and set aside time to stock your fridge with healthy food as well as a set day to do laundry.

You’ll also get a clear outline of how you can lay out your day to kiss overwhelm goodbye forever. By keeping a schedule and developing good habits with your time, you’ll get all those things done that you “mean-to” or “should-do” and they’ll stop stressing you out.

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