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Three-time Grammy award winning lyricist and multi-instrumentalist Wyclef Jean started a movement as the founding and guiding member of The Fugees’, whose album The Score certified six times platinum. Take a journey through the inspiring story of this producer, author, and humanitarian as he sits down with Tom Bilyeu in this episode of Impact Theory.

Wyclef talks about growing up in Haiti, giant birds, and imaginary friends. [3:21] Tom and Wyclef discuss how he developed an orchestra in his brain. [8:45] Wyclef describes his obsession with words and how he fell in love with battle rapping. [12:48] Wyclef explains how he shaped his brain with jazz and learned music discipline. [16:00] Wyclef recalls a phone call from Michael Jackson and how he experienced music theory. [17:27] Wyclef shares the importance of transferring knowledge and not limiting yourself. [19:44] Tom and Wyclef sing together and discuss the importance of understanding theory. [21:58] Wyclef exposes the secrets to getting great. [26:31] Wyclef talks about the significance of crafting a strategic message and starting a movement. [31:36] Wyclef applies the philosophy of crawling before you walk to learning anything in life. [35:53] Wyclef defines the impact he wants to have on the world. [40:03] Wyclef gives a freestyle performance on a topic of Tom’s choice. [42:32]

Christian Rock Band Petra – bit.ly/2lBZ08k [9:56] Police Synchronicity – bit.ly/1J4hqzq [10:20] Pink Floyd – bit.ly/2lCcLn6 [12:13] Coldplay – bit.ly/1qL4ie4 [16:43]
DJ Red Alert – bit.ly/2mdUc5o [12:20] Kool G Rap – bit.ly/2m3mwIt [13:14] Charlie Daniels – bit.ly/2lm4DVx [14:55] Curtis Blow – bit.ly/2kDDYGn [15:23] Dillon – bit.ly/1dDos1l [16:44] Ella Fitzgerald – bit.ly/2kDzkIq [16:45] Avicii – bit.ly/1USZZvQ [20:48] Brian Grazier – bit.ly/2kPXoTX [23:36] SaLaAM ReMi – bit.ly/2ldan5D [31:39] Confucius – bit.ly/1INVZlc [35:56]
Wyclef’s first music video appearance with Eric B and Rahkim – bit.ly/1rQ0AwM [15:32] Gone Till November – bit.ly/1raMhD2 [18:52] Life – bit.ly/2m3to90 [23:39] Hotel Rwanda Theme Song – bit.ly/2kPOE04 [23:55] Amy Winehouse documentary – bit.ly/1cPeU6H [31:43] Kendrick Lamar’s first mixtape – bit.ly/2lZX3D8 [37:43] Jouvet – bit.ly/2l9gMia [41:46]
Dorian, Ionian, Phrygian, Mixolydian – bit.ly/2megNia [19:18] The Alchemist by Paul Coehlo – amzn.to/2m54J6X [38:01] Wyclef’s Book Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story – amzn.to/2l50fci

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