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Tom inspires with quotes from T.E. Lawrence and David Ogilivy and more.

Music Sources
Most Epic Battle Music Ever: “Deadwood” by Really Slow Motion

Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes – Fall of Heroes (Epic Heroic Dramatic Hybrid)


Video Sources
Meet the Woman that lives IRONMAN | Quest for Kona E4
Meet the Foley Artists of this Raw MTB video. | Sound of Speed
Two-wheel filmmaking | Behind the scenes of Moto 8
Xavier de le Rue’s DIY Tour: Two wolves conquer Canada | S2E6
4 Cyclists, 25 hours. | Red Bull Timelaps
SACA: The life and shred of Tiago Pires E1
Straight Rhythm 2017 FULL TV Episode | Red Bull Signature Series
Zion Wright’s 2nd place run at the Skate Finals | Simple Session 2018
Meet the man who became an IRONMAN.
The perfect freestyle football skills. | w/ Kotaro Tokuda
Red Epic Noise Reduction Test – Stockholm 2014

Compilation Sources
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