“You’re the First Women EVER To Do What You DO!” | Ed Mylett & ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza

It was the first No-Hitter Game on Monday Night Baseball AND she was the first female baseball announcer on ESPN. History was made.

She is a 4 time All-American Athlete, Professional Softball Player, and Olympic Gold Medalist! She’s the first female commentator for a Major League Baseball game in the history of ESPN AND the first female commentator in MLB postseason history. It is my pleasure to share with you the trailblazer herself, Jessica Mendoza.

“I WANT TO WIN!” These are the words of Jessica as she expressed her passion to achieve in every area of her life. In this interview, we dive into what it really takes to win, whether that be in business, in sports, in raising children, in your faith… EVERYTHING!

Find out what this Olympian Trailblazer is made of as we venture through her journey of crossing cultural barriers at the Olympics to how she has changed the trajectory of baseball forever!

What does it really take to be a trailblazer? Find out how Jessica was able to overcome the criticism that could have crippled her spirits and ruined her career. Watch now to find out how she has maintained her confidence, her strength and her ability to WIN and MAXOUT her life!

We DEMYSTIFY the pursuit of work/life balance, DEFINE the value of teamwork and HUMANIZE the insecurities that stare us in the face.

Join us on this journey of finding strength, standing out and waving your flag!


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